Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yankees' Baseball

Went to see our neighbors kid play some baseball! Still the undefeated Yankees! Noah is #8!
Congrats guys! What a great game to watch! You worked hard and you deserved that win!
If you are a parent of the Yankees and want to order a picture please email me @ EBRP81@gmail.com!
This is just a few of the shots I got! Let me know their name & # and I'll check to see who I have! I didn't get everyone but I can! If you want CD's let me know I'll hit a few games and can get several shots and I charge $25 a CD w/release rights.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sticks has a Twig!

I've know Jamie for almost 25 years & I think I've called her Sticks for just about that long! lol  She's the last of the "group" to have a child but he's finally here! Noah is 6 weeks old and I can't wait to see this lil guy grow up to be a Stick too!  


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Texas Dicovery Gardens mini shoot $50....

Ok so I really want to do a shoot at the Texas Dicovery Gardens! It's just such a beautiful place!

So I'll have 2 spots open on the 28th...& 3 spots on the 29th! E-mail me and set up a date! EBRP81@gmail.com Cost to get into the Gardens is: (Adults$4....Seniors (60+) $3....Children (3-11)$2...Children under 3 Free...& to get into the butterfly house it's Adults$8...Seniors (60+) $6...Children (3-11)$4...Children under 3 Free) If you pay to get into the butterfly house that pays for the gardens too! After you get your pictures taken you can walk around and enjoy the gardens! There's so much to see!
$50...5 pics on a CD w/release form!  You can write a check but CD will not be mailed till ck clears. Cash is always welcomed & if you need to pay by CC you can use paypal! Same e-mail.

Monday, May 3, 2010

"Cidly Sue" as I call her!

My amazing superhero friend Cid facebooked me cause she needed some pics taken for a peice she's writing for a magizine! So of course I jummppped at the chance! I don't get many single people photo shoots either! Mostly families! 
She has some of the most amazing tattoos! I swear everytime I see her she has something new! HA HA!
Love ya girl! Hope you love them as much as I do!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tyler L. Senior 2010 Photo shoot!

Such a quiet kid! He didn't really care to be getting pics but I tried to make it fun for him and we went everywhere! It was a mini adventure of our own! I was sticking him in trees and pastures! He seemed most happy when he got his soccer ball out and started messing around! I know I was ready for a nap after this shoot!