Sunday, April 25, 2010

Burrow's Family

The entire family was just beautiful!
I know Lisa from back in our waitressing days and I graduated w/ Jennifer! There were so many "J" & "K" names I could hardly keep up! LOL First Debbie & Lewis....then...Jeremy & Jessica w/Jules & Jackson....Lisa and Josh w/ Kaizen, Kohl, Kane, Knox....and the youngest Jennifer w/Jaycie & Jadyn & I'm pretty sure another "J" on the way!
None of the kids really cared to be there...but what kid does! LOL It was a fun challenge to get everyones head in the shot and to get everyone to LOOK at me! HA HA! What a great group! Come back any time guys! I had a blast!
Such a beautiful group of people! 
My favorite 2 shots of the whole shoot! 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bluebonnets are coming....bluebonnets are coming!

They have already started coming out here and there but in the next few weeks they will really start blooming!

Everyone stops on the side of the road each year and gets the traditional "bluebonnet" picture with the kids.  This year make it a family event!

$ 60.....10 photos on a CD w/a release form so that you can print only what you want and need!

Just e-mail me so we can schedule a shoot.......I will meet up w/you and your family at your favorite bluebonnet spot! Travel fees still apply!