Sunday, April 25, 2010

Burrow's Family

The entire family was just beautiful!
I know Lisa from back in our waitressing days and I graduated w/ Jennifer! There were so many "J" & "K" names I could hardly keep up! LOL First Debbie & Lewis....then...Jeremy & Jessica w/Jules & Jackson....Lisa and Josh w/ Kaizen, Kohl, Kane, Knox....and the youngest Jennifer w/Jaycie & Jadyn & I'm pretty sure another "J" on the way!
None of the kids really cared to be there...but what kid does! LOL It was a fun challenge to get everyones head in the shot and to get everyone to LOOK at me! HA HA! What a great group! Come back any time guys! I had a blast!
Such a beautiful group of people! 
My favorite 2 shots of the whole shoot! 

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